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October 2008
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Hello world!

Greetings, and welcome to my new tech blog. This will be a place where I spout off on various topics relating to technology and the tech industry. Sometimes it will be a review of a new product that I like (or don’t like). Or perhaps I’ll describe a neat tech trick or hack that I recently discovered. Maybe I’ll read or hear about something that draws my ire, and I’ll get up on my digital soapbox and rant about it. Or maybe I’ll just talk about something random that happens to strike my fancy at the time. In any case, it will be something related to technology or computers, and will (hopefully) be entertaining to you.

A note on product reviews: I don’t accept handouts from companies. (Not that anybody has offered me any… but even if they did, I wouldn’t accept them.) Every product or service that I will review here is one that I decided to purchase with my own hard-earned money, and my reviews will not be influenced in any way. I’m all about editorial integrity here.

If you’d like to follow me in even the non-tech aspects of my life, you can do so by following me on Twitter, or reading my personal blog.

Thanks again for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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