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“I’m not dead yet!”

Something a friend of mine said to me sums it up best: “For an unemployed person, you’ve been awfully busy as of late.” Hence the lack of updates here. My apologies. Since returning from SCALE, my time has been occupied with all manner of things, some of them even money-generating. (So I’m really hopeful that my unemployed status will soon change.)

Unfortunately, I ended up leaving SCALE with a little unexpected surprise. Like most of the conference-going public, I walked away from it with one of the nastiest, most horrible, virulent plagues on the face of this Earth. Had me out for almost 2 weeks. Considering the sheer number of people attending these types of events, it’s almost inevitable that, in spite of my best efforts to avoid it, I still manage to catch something or other whenever I attend a tech event.

The good news is that I’ve been working up some reviews and other blog fodder that I hope to have posted shortly, including a review and my thoughts on my new all-time favorite gadget, the Amazon Kindle 2. I think this will turn out to be a real game-changer for both Amazon and the publishing industry, and may indeed herald the true coming of age of e-books.

Anyway, my thoughts on that, as well as other topics, are soon to come. Watch this space!

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