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SCALE 8x: The Video

Well, SCALE 8x was only two weeks ago, and yet it feels like it’s but a distant memory now. What an amazing conference! The LAX Airport Westin was literally stuffed to the rafters with Linux and Open Source businesses, developers, users, and all-around geeks. The diversity and enthusiasm of the Linux and Open Source community continues to amaze me year after year. And – amazingly enough – there were more than a few companies openly hiring again. Definitely a sign of encouragement about our country’s economic recovery.

This year I once again was working the audio and keynote streaming departments along with my friend Tom King and a really outstanding cast of really dedicated volunteers. We had only one or two audio mishaps this year – most of the talks made it onto the recorders in reasonably good quality. All the audio has been processed and is in the hands of the SCALE staff; it should be on the website and available for download soon, and the keynotes are available to stream off our Ustream channel page.

The SCALE staff decided to try something new this year. On Saturday afternoon, Jason Riker, a member of the SCALE PR team and I headed out onto the show floor armed with a microphone (with perilously short cord – next year we’ll have a wireless rig) and a video camera, and we did some interviews with various SCALE attendees. I edited that together along with some background footage (“B-roll” as they say in “the biz”) I took the next day into this SCALE highlights video that, I think, puts the viewer “in the moment” and allows him/her to experience at least some of what attending SCALE is like. Hopefully those of you who watch this and either have never heard of SCALE, or haven’t made it to one yet, will decide to go next year.

SCALE 8x: The Video from Southern California Linux Expo on Vimeo.

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