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Apps by Donald Burr

Otaku no Podcast is a podcast dedicated to all things Anime and Manga. Here, you will find news on the latest releases and other goings-on in the industry; our “man-on-the-street” reports from anime conventions and Japanese cultural fairs; reviews of cool (and not-so-cool) titles, both new and old; and commentary on various otaku-worthy topics. We’ll also occasionally venture forth into other territories of interest to many otaku, such as video games, music, travel, and Japanese food and culture. So grab that box of Pocky and strap yourself into your giant robot cockpit, you’re in for one wild ride! Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Works on iPad (in iPhone emulation mode). This is an app I wrote for my podcast, Otaku no Podcast.
Cost: Free
Easily tweet the current song you’re listening to, optionally including hashtags (e.g. #NowPlaying) or any other text of your choosing. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (Universal Binary).
Cost: $1.99
NerdTool is a suite of useful tools for System/Network administrators, UNIX geeks, programmers, and nerds in general. Tools include a UNIX Permissions calculator, Netmask calculator, Binary/Decimal/Hex/Octal conversion, and more. Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Runs on iPad in compatibility mode.
Cost: $1.99
Hosted by Allison Sheridan, the NosillaCast podcast is “a technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Macintosh bias.” Every week Allison and her dedicated cast of “NosillaCastaways” bring you the latest tech news, reviews and commentary. With the NosillaCast iOS app, you can listen to the live show (every Sunday at 5 PM Pacific), join in on the live show chat via, as well as listen to past shows (and read the show notes Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. (iPad and iPhone 5 support coming soon!)
Cost: $0.99
Easily keep accurate counts of anything (attendees/exhibitors at a conference, students, visitors to your business, blue cars…) Features multiple counters, negative counters, and easy export of counter totals via email.
Cost: $0.99
Now you can easily calculate enchants on your Minecraft items with this Minecraft Enchantment Calculator. Calculate the possible enchantments on a given item/book at a given level, or calculate the chance of getting an enchantment on a certain item at any given level (Reverse Calc). Updated with the algorithm used as of Minecraft 1.4.6, as described on the Minecraft Wiki.
Cost: $0.99
Using this app, you can monitor the performance of your Bitcoin mining machines in Slush’s mining pool (aka Push Notifications notify you when workers go off- and online, or when you receive Bitcoin payouts. Check out the latest round info as well as recently submitted blocks. Use the handy built-in mining profitability calculator to determine whether that new ASIC mining gear you have your eye on will be worth it. And the built-in currency converter lets you convert between BTC and various world currencies. Note: not affiliated with Slush or

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