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How to Become a Maker

Soldering station. Image credit: Windell Oskay

Image credit: Windell Oskay

Once again I have had the pleasure of appearing on Allison Sheridan’s podcast, the NosillaCast. On Sunday, March 1st’s show (#512! a nice power-of-2 binary number!) we talked about getting into the whole “maker” movement, and how to build cool things using micro controllers such as the Arduino, as well as single-board computers such as the Raspberry Pi. Listen to it here (starts in around 33:25) and read the show notes below.

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SCALE 9x Promo Video

The Southern California Linux Expo, or SCALE, is a small but growing (when compared to some of the more mainstream ones) Linux conference held every year around February in Los Angeles. I’ve written about it before. It’s a great way to learn about the latest goings-on in the Linux and Open Source community, and […]

Testing out a new method of updating Twitter and Facebook

This is just a quick heads-up. I’m testing a new method of updating Twitter AND Facebook whenever I post a new blog or podcast. I’m hoping that this will work without any major snags, but there is always the possibility that it may flood either Twitter or Facebook or both. If this does end […]

SCALE 8x Keynote Stream of Doom

Can’t believe it’s that time again.. time for SCALE 8x! I’ve been on site since Thursday afternoon, working audio stuff; however tonight I’m taking a break from that and working on video, specifically the Keynote stream. Yup, once again we’ll be streaming the Keynotes. Keep your eye on this post to watch the stream. […]

“I’m not dead yet!”

Something a friend of mine said to me sums it up best: “For an unemployed person, you’ve been awfully busy as of late.” Hence the lack of updates here. My apologies. Since returning from SCALE, my time has been occupied with all manner of things, some of them even money-generating. (So I’m really hopeful […]

SCALE (Southern California Linux Expo) is THIS Weekend!

Are you a Linux geek? Are you even mildly curious about Linux and/or Open Source software in general? Do you live in the Southern California area? And are you free this weekend? (February 20-22) If so, then you might want to check out the Southern California Linux Expo (aka SCALE) conference out.

Now […]

Hello world!

Greetings, and welcome to my new tech blog. This will be a place where I spout off on various topics relating to technology and the tech industry. Sometimes it will be a review of a new product that I like (or don’t like). Or perhaps I’ll describe a neat tech trick or hack […]