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Below you will find the various projects that I am involved in, both my own as well as those belonging to others that I contribute to.


  • My personal blog. This is where you’ll find my non-tech-related blog posts, everything from whatever cool new fad I’ve gotten into, to whatever I had for breakfast/lunch/dinner today, and everything in between.

My Podcasts

  • Otaku no Podcast. My first ever podcast, and still my pride and joy. Otaku no Podcast is a podcast dedicated to all things Anime and Manga. Here, you will find news on the latest releases and other goings-on in the industry; our “man-on-the-street” reports from anime conventions and Japanese cultural fairs; reviews of cool (and not-so-cool) titles, both new and old; and commentary on various otaku-worthy topics. We’ll also occasionally venture forth into other territories of interest to many otaku, such as video games, music, travel, and Japanese food and culture. So grab that box of Pocky and strap yourself into your giant robot cockpit, you’re in for one wild ride!
  • Shiny Things Blog and Podcast. This is my second podcast (as if one weren’t enough work already), and my attempt at entering the cutthroat world of tech and gadget reviewing. I’m a technology geek and a gadget freak. No, ifs, ands or buts about it. If it’s shiny, I want it. And you can bet that I’ll finagle some way of getting it. Within this podcast (and its associated website), I intend to fully document my experiences with every gadget or gizmo I lay my hands on. I’ll call out the good, the bad, AND the ugly, and I’ll pull no punches. Above all else, I promise you this: I will not accept any form of compensation (payola) from anybody. Money, free dinners, trips to the Bahamas… I won’t take any of it. Not even free pens or refrigerator magnets! I am all about journalistic integrity and ethics here. There’s nothing really here yet; I’m working on recording the first few episodes and should have something up within the next few weeks.
  • Podcasting on the Cheap. Technically this was my second podcast (I started the website shortly after Otaku no Podcast but I never even put up a single episode, nor have I added any content to the site. Basically this was to be a podcast about how to get started podcasting, from the point of view of someone who doesn’t have a whole lot of money to invest in it, but wants to get the best results possible. This project is most definitely on hold at the moment – nothing to see here people, move along…

Other Peoples’ Podcasts I Appear On

  • The NosillaCast. Allison Sheridan’s tech/geek podcast with an EVER so slight Macintosh bias. I met Allison at the New Media Expo in 2007 and have since become a total fan of the Nosillacast. She informs and educates her audience on the latest cool geekery that catches her fancy, but always does so in a very easy to understand and approachable manner, with plenty of humor and personality mixed in. I am honored to be counted as one of her fairly frequent contributors.
  • The Cartoon Geeks Blog and Podcast. A blog and podcast about cartoons, mostly coming from the American animation industry’s point of view, but occasionally delving into anime and manga, courtesy of guest appearances by yours truly.


Check out my photography and videos pages for my photography and video related projects.


  • My rather silly iWeb site. This is a rather silly website I slapped together using Apple’s iWeb tool. I mainly did this (a) to learn iWeb, experiment with it, etc; (b) to make use of the web space that I get as a Mobile Me member; and (c) because I was bored. I’m only including it here for completeness’s sake, and for comedic value.