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SCALE Keynotes are up on Google Video

Something weird is going on with the SCALE videos I posted earlier on Ustream, so I’ve gone ahead and uploaded them to Google Video. (I also trimmed them somewhat, cutting out the “this is us setting up” bits at the beginning of the video, so they should start right into the actual keynote speech.) […]

SCALE 7x Keynote 2: “Reaching the masses: 10 ways to improve the reach of your FOSS Project” by Joe “Zonker” Brockmeier

Watch on Ustream site (if the above embedded player doesn’t work for you)

Abstract: This talk will cover how to develop a community marketing plan for an open source project. This includes surveying the audience(s) for the project, developing a plan to bring in new users and contributors, and how to measure […]

SCALE 7x Keynote 1: “When Software Is a Service, Is Only the Network Luddite Free?” presented by Bradley M. Kuhn

View the video directly on (if the above embed code doesn’t work)

So-called Application Service Providers, who provide “Software as a Service (SaaS)”, are now the rule rather than the exception in the software industry. The freedom implications of ubiquitous, high-bandwidth networking and AJAX-based application delivery are not yet fully understood […]

SCALE (Southern California Linux Expo) is THIS Weekend!

Are you a Linux geek? Are you even mildly curious about Linux and/or Open Source software in general? Do you live in the Southern California area? And are you free this weekend? (February 20-22) If so, then you might want to check out the Southern California Linux Expo (aka SCALE) conference out.

Now […]