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SCALE 9x Promo Video, Take 2

The folks at SCALE tasked me with creating a radio promo for the upcoming SCALE 9x conference. I decided to kick things up a notch: not only did I create the requested radio promo, but I also used it to create another SCALE promo video. I present it below the cut for your enjoyment. Continue reading SCALE 9x Promo Video, Take 2

SCALE 8x: The Video

Well, SCALE 8x was only two weeks ago, and yet it feels like it’s but a distant memory now. What an amazing conference! The LAX Airport Westin was literally stuffed to the rafters with Linux and Open Source businesses, developers, users, and all-around geeks. The diversity and enthusiasm of the Linux and Open Source […]

SCALE 8x Keynote Stream of Doom

Can’t believe it’s that time again.. time for SCALE 8x! I’ve been on site since Thursday afternoon, working audio stuff; however tonight I’m taking a break from that and working on video, specifically the Keynote stream. Yup, once again we’ll be streaming the Keynotes. Keep your eye on this post to watch the stream. […]

Qik streaming from SCALE 7x

Tomorrow is the second (and final) day of the SCALE 7x conference, and, come hell or high water, I’m actually gonna try and get out of the control booth long enough to actually attend some events! If I can actually do this, I’ll try and stream as much as I can using Qik. […]